About Me

Hello there!

My Name is Chris (He/They) and I am a speaker, blogger and all round fan of anything that falls under these categories:

  • Plant based food
  • Data (and Databases)
  • Mindless internet videos
  • Coaching, mentoring and helping people

I am based out of Cambridge in the UK with my beautiful, inspiring wife, but I love to travel; I spend a lot of time in the USA (Austin, LA, Seattle), Germany and Romania.

I joined Redgate in November 2015 and since then I have worked in a number of roles including Pre-Sales Engineer and Solution Specialist and I have a very keen focus on the masking of data for non-production use.

I will hopefully be blogging on here regularly but I also help produce the DBAle podcast for Redgate with Chris Kerswell: https://www.red-gate.com/hub/events/entrypage/dbale

If you want to contact me please jump over here to do so!